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F-digital Deluxe

F-digital Deluxe

Stimulate your Senses

Each person is unique. GROHE Tailor-Made Showeringcelebrates this uniqueness and variety by letting youdesign your shower according to your own vision ofrest, relaxation, regeneration, personal care, designand comfort. For a daily spa experience as individualas you are.

Using the wireless Bluetooth connection, theGROHE SPA® App* and the GROHE F-digitalDeluxe you can stimulate all of your senseswith just a single movement of the hand –now available for Apple and Android mobiledevices.

GROHE SPA™ Collections

GROHE SPA™ Collections

An extensive range of premium fittings


Just like all products in the F-Series that represent the freedom of design, the modules of F-digital Deluxe can be installed to your personal preferences or be added to an existing system. The GROHE F-digital Deluxe App permits finger-tip control of all module functions - i.e. coloured and dimmable LED light, music and the intensity of the steam. This is yet another detail that highlights the unique flexibility that is an integral element of the GROHE SPA™ philosophy.

Fascinating light effects, your favourite music and pure relaxation in your home steam bath

GROHE f-digital Deluxe Light Module

Light Module

Use coloured light to change the ambiance of your GROHE SPA shower. Use your iPod to turn the LED light modules in the shower on and off and change the colour and intensity of the light to suit your mood.

Rainshower F-Series Sound set

Sound Module

Relaxing or reviving? Select the playlist or album from your iTunes library that you wish to listen to in your GROHE SPA shower, the App enables you to adjust the volume of the GROHE shower speakers.

Rainshower F-Series Sound set


Steam benefits have been known for thousands of years where wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification. Today a steam shower is an integral part of a real SPA experience.

With just one touch you can transform your shower into your own personal spa. Soft lighting, relaxing steam and your favourite music – with the GROHE F-digital Deluxe, an Apple iPod touch 4G and the GROHE F-digital Deluxe App you can stimulate all of your senses with just a single movement of the hand – now also available as Bluetooth® variant for Apple and Android mobile devices.

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2014 Iconic award
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2014 interior innovation award
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2013 Good Design USA
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2013 iF Product Design Award
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2013 red dot design award

Grohtherm F

Grohtherm F

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Rainshower F-series

Rainshower F-series

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